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András Szalay
András Szalay, has an M.Sc. in Physics from Kossuth University, Debrecen, Hungary (1976). He has also been a former member of the progressive rock group Panta Rhei.
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1980-1985 Chief Engineer, Muzix, Hungary
1986-1987 Chief Engineer, Shadow, Germany
1988-1993 Engineer, Wersi, Germany
1994-1997 Chief Engineer, Blue Chip Music, Germany
1998-2005 Chief Engineer, AKAI professional, Japan
1998- Chief Engineer, Panda Audio Kft., Hungary
With Panta Rhei he designed and built much of the band's equipment, including various analog synthesizers, and sequencers as well as mixing consoles and effects.
He has been the inventor and principal designer of the Sinclair ZX81-based MUZIX 81 sequencer and digital audio processor (1981). The system was widely used in Europe from Hungary (Gabor Presser, Omega, PR Computer) to Germany (Frank Farian) and the UK.
He also designed several guitar synthesizers: the first one for Shadow (1986), and later the neural net based AXON series for Blue Chip Music (1994), then Axon Technologies. After Yamaha has licensed the technology of the AXON, András developed the processing engine of the Yamaha G50 guitar synthesizer.
At Wersi he was responsible for the design of ASICs and the development of system software for Wersi's CFP-1 digital piano. He also created several unique data compression algorithms for storing digital audio samples, based on the Karhunen-Loeve transform.
During the collaboration with AKAI Professional he has been Chief Software Engineer of the Hungarian engineering team and has been responsible for the design and development of several products of AKAI professional, like the electronics for the EWI Wind controllers.
He has invented the "Acoustic Imaging Technology", currently used in the Aura product line of Fishman Transducers.
He has invented the "Acoustic Imaging Technology", currently used in the Aura product line of Fishman Transducers.
He developed the Future Impact bass guitar synthesizer and the midiBeam 4Control MIDI Interface for analog controllers.
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