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midiBeam 4Control
The midiBeam 4Control is a compact, versatile and affordable device which can function either as a class-compliant USB-to-MIDI interface or as a means to connect passive TRS expression pedals or footswitches to a MIDI instrument or to a computer.
Each of the two stereo 6.35mm TRS jack sockets on the rear of the device can be configured to accept either an expression pedal or a 1- or 2-button footswitch (as shown below). The jack sockets can be further configured to accept connectors of either polarity.
The device is capable of generating PC, CC, Note-On/Off, Aftertouch, Pitch Bend and MIDI start/stop messages. Messages can be sent using either a pedal or a switch and the maximum and minimum values are fully configurable. Switches can be set to be either momentary or latching. Each message generator (pedal or switch) can be set to a different MIDI channel, if so desired.
All of the aforementioned settings can be configured quickly and easily using the accompanying Mac/Windows software Editor. Settings can be backed up to a file to be loaded onto the device at a later date, which allows for easy recall of different device setups.
Due to its diminutive form factor and weight (83 x 54 x 31 mm, 55g) and simple power requirements (20mA @ 5V via USB micro B socket), the midiBeam 4Control will fit easily and unobtrusively into any desktop or pedalboard setup.
With its standard 5-pin DIN and USB MIDI ports it can be used with almost any MIDI-capable equipment. A high quality USB micro-B cable is included.
It is the perfect partner to our Future Impact synth pedal, allowing you to perform firmware updates, use the Editor Suite and access the online library of community presets. It also allows you to unlock the potential of the FI’s powerful Flexi Controllers and other MIDI-related performance features.
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Product support
For Mac users: this software is compatible with macOS 10.9 or newer. (Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur) When you first start the software, open the file by right-clicking it and choosing Open from the pop-up menu.
Update your midiBeam 4Control to the latest firmware
Our web based utility software will keep your midiBeam 4Control up to date with the latest firmware of v1.2 Click here to open the application. (supported browsers: Chrome on Mac OS X/Windows)