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András Szalay, the founder and CEO of Panda Audio Kft, is responsible for hardware system design and DSP algorithm development within Panda Audio.
Zoltán Jánosy is currently responsible for the software system design and the development of the user interface firmware.
Zsolt Rammer joined Panda-Audio early 2015. He has a very wide spectrum of activities covering practically everything in connection with the development of musical instruments, especially guitar effects. He can do hardware design, PCB design, building his own prototypes. But his most important activity is writing guitar effect algorithms and user interfaces on all possible platforms (PC, MAC, IOS). He released amazing guitar effect plugin series under the brand name audiorammer.
George Peng joined Panda-Audio formally in 2016, but he did the PCB and 3D mechanical design of all products and prototypes since 2010. Beyond these activities he has experience in hardware and software development and web programming. He is responsible for the production management of Panda-Audio’s own products.
Panda Audio Kft.
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