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Future Impact V3
The Future Impact V3 is probably the most complex bass synthesizer effect that was ever designed. It emulates analog synthesizer building blocks in extremely high quality, with up to 512 kHz oversampling.
  • It emulates with 100% accuracy the 9 original sounds of the highly reputed Deep Impact, which is not available on the market any more.
  • It goes far beyond the Deep Impact, with much more advanced features and more building blocks. 90 of the altogether 99 programs are filled with the new sounds.
  • Users can create their own sounds with the editor that is available both for PC and MAC platforms.
  • More than just a bass guitar synthesizer, it can be used as an advanced analog modeling synthesizer expander through the MIDI input.
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Product support
Refresh your firmware to our latest release, 3.61!
We are constantly developing / improving the Future Impact synth pedal, and now here is something all of you will need: a new firmware version labeled 3.61. Before updating, in our Version History or in our What's new file you can check what's happened.
Please note: if you update your firmware from version earlier than 3.00 you must upgrade your sound set during the process. If you upgrade from 3.xx you don't need to rewrite all your patches, everything will work fine with your existing presets.
After updating to 3.61 you will need our new Editor version 3.60 to manage your Future Impact so please download it as well.
Sound Library Database
We opened a web application where you can share, upload and download your favourite user patches. Just click here to register and start browsing hundreds of additional patches! Should you ever have any problem on using the service here is a short manual how to use it!
You can also check this YouTube video to enjoy a live demo of v3.50 with actual sounds.
If during the update process you choose rewriting the whole sound set you will find ten new programs in v3.50 and v3.60 tailored to showcase some new features found in v3.50. (For those who just want to test the new programs they are downloadable separately here.)